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ePubChef Whitepaper

What is ePubChef? EPubChef is code written to give authors and publishers the advantages of established software tools and processes. The tool allows full control of an eBook product lifecycle saving time and money. EPubChef combines professional GitHub version control with open source text with EPUB software. Anyone with basic web skills can use ePubChef […]

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Small and Simple

Is there a space in the world of publishing for a simple but efficient piece of software? I design and write software for a living. For a bit of fun I tried to write a novel. Having written it, I tried to turn my novel into an EPUB. To my amazement, it was extraordinarily awkward […]

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ePubChef description for a friend

The other day someone asked me what the ePubChef software does, and how. This is what I told them. ePubChef is software which: Starts with plain text files (a file = a scene or chapter containing paragraphs of words) Those text files can be augmented by a human using markup (HTML or Markdown) if needed […]

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