eBook Conversion Fee Schedule

Full Service:
$250 for standard conversion of a book to EPUB and Kindle (.mobi) from MS-Word or similar.

$100 per title – Client provides clean text files, I convert them into eBooks.

Use of ePubChef software only:
$35 per title, no consultancy.

What you Get
Validated, reflowable EPUB version 3 and Kindle versions of your publication
Typographic checking (remove extra spaces, smart quotes, elipisis, etc.)
Bespoke ePubChef software customized to your book. This is yours to own and allows for easier future modification to the the book or EPUB features.
Standard project time is 10 working days
Later eBook content modifications – $30

How I work with clients:

Full Service Consultancy Software Only
shared dropbox folder Yes Yes No
create clean text files from text,replacing proprietary formatting (eg. MS-WORD) with markup and split into one or more separate text files per chapter JC Client Client
convert and resize Image files and link from text JC Client Client
prepare “recipe” and stylesheet files which drive the creation and look of the finished work. JC JC Client
create fully validated “bare bones” EPUB and Kindle book files JC JC Client
revision and review Client Client Client
personalize look and feel Collaboration Collaboration Client

What is a “Clean” text file?
Creating eBooks begins with a step to remove proprietary formatting from word processors. The EPUB specification and eBook reader have different ways of dealing with fonts, images, italics, page breaks, tables, etc. than does MS-WORD or other word processors.

A clean text file is what you have when you use an editor such as TextEdit, Notepad++, SublimeText, or similar.

A plain text file:
does not enforce a particular font on the text
each chapter is in an individual file (chapter title and header is defined elsewhere)
markup, such as italics, bold, etc. are implemented with markup (HTML or Markdown as defined at:
Paragraphs are not indented and are separated by a blank line

File Names
Text file names shall be created as per instructions at


For prices on other services please contact me directly